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Skeleton Hoodie

The Skeleton Hoodie is a perfect Halloween costume for any ghost-lover. The blue color and skeletal design will make you feel like an actual spirit from beyond this world, while the soft durable fabric ensures that it won’t be easy to wear through on anything but the hardest hits. The coldness of the winter is no match for this hooded garment. The perfect hoodie for any skeleton lover! This black and white graphic design features the sultry, dead-eye stare of our favorite cadaver with an open maw just waiting to consume your flesh. Machine wash cold separately; do not bleach or dry clean. The Skeleton Hoodie is a high-quality garment that’s made from durable materials so you can wear it when going out in public without worry about getting embarrassed by how payphoneish everyone else looks while yours reflects their shiny perfection back at them.

Skeleton Grunge Clothes Hoodie

The skeleton hoodie is perfect for any occasion. Made from 90% cotton and 10%, polyester, this stylish piece will keep you warm on cool days or chilly nights. This is the perfect hoodie for any skeleton fan! It features an understated yet bold design with black text on a white background. The ribbed texture and plush feel make it extra comfortable to wear, while its slim fit will keep you looking good no matter what time of year or occasion arises – whether that means going out at night during winter months when everyone else seems covered head-to-toe in layers upon layers…or just lounging around town all day doing nothing but catching up on your favorite show while wearing this scoop-necked shirt over jeans157 The Skeleton Grunge Clothes Hoodie are made from 100% cotton which makes them super soft against the skin; there isn’t even.


This is a great hoodie for those who want to stand out in their social circle. The Skeleton Anti-Social Social Club Hoodie is perfect to wear when you want people not only to know that they are part of the anti social club, but also what it means. Show off your skeletons with this awesome anti-social hoodie! Fashioned after the popular Social Club design, it’s perfect for any student who really doesn’t want to be bothered by anyone else. The perfect hoodie for the Bones fans out there. This season, we’re all about keeping it old-school with our skeletons graphic on shirts and totes. You can show off in this comfy outfit at your next skeleton party or just lounging around doing nothing specific while watching episodes of ER (yes they still have those).